"GC Strategies focus on helping provide end to end solutions to their clients, where many focus on just providing resources. They work with visionaries in client and delivery organizations to design next generation solutions”
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What We Are Doing

What We Are Doing

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Data Strategy Our trusted advisors work closely with your team to transform your organization and bring you to the bleeding edge of the Data Sciences. We review your data and subsequently provide a roadmap of where you are and where you want to go.
Data Integration Clients engage our Data Scientists to help evaluate the data lake approach best suited for consuming, processing, and visualizing their data from an infinite amount of data sets.
Data Visualization Organizations who leverage our visualization experts allow themselves to grasp complex data and abstract ideas at a glance. We engage deeper with your data, find answers, and insights and tell your data story.
Accessibility Leveraging our vast experience to complete Accessibility audits, work with your team to accomplish AA/AAA WCAG 2.1 compliance and generate recognized conformance reports.
Artificial Intelligence Having deep experience with predictive models across different domains, allowing you to find the best outcome for your organization. Predict trends, automate tasks, and learn the art of applying Data and AI for business-driven results.
Portfolio Assessment Using an iterative approach to increase the cloud maturity of your application portfolio we offer advice on application decommissioning, re-platforming, re factoring or rebuilding.
Robotic Process Automation Whether you need your employee onboarding or your service desk to leverage RPA, We use a suite of bots which allows for quick and effective automation by providing configurable "tasks".
Chat Bot Having access to experts in the deployment of Microsoft Cognitive services for AI driven chat-bots and NLP processing, we are currently being used throughout the Government of Canada today for initiatives.
Mobile Development The Government of Canada uses our teams to transform their project requirements into an impactful best of breed solution that will meet their objectives, engage their users and create value for their brand.
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Procurement Options

Federal departments and agencies purchase on average $7 billion in professional services each year to help deliver programs and services to Canadians. Through procurement, the Government of Canada is committed to obtaining the best possible value for all Canadians and advancing important social and economic objectives. GC Strategies are qualified on these procurement methods to provide services and fixed price solutions to the GoC.

  • TBIPS - Task-Based Informatics Professional Services

    Description: A TBIPS requirement is related to a particular activity required to address a specific IT need and is usually associated with a specified set of responsibilities.

    Qualified for: Supply Arrangement Tier 1 and Tier 2, Standing Offer Tier 1

    Maximum Contract value: Up to 2 million (Tier 1), Greater than 2 million (Tier 2)

    Minimum # of invited Suppliers: 15 Suppliers (Tier 1), All qualified suppliers (Tier 2)

    NAFTA threshold ($106,000 including HST) = Must use ProServices

    NAFTA threshold ($106,000 including HST) up to and including $2M (Tier 1) = 15 calendar days

    Greater than $2M (Tier 2) = 20 calendar days

    Type of contract: Time and Material, per-diem

  • SBIPS - Solution-Based Informatics Profession Services

    Description: Solutions-Based Informatics Professional Services (SBIPS) is a method of supply comprising of services and, in certain situations, essential goods, whereby a supplier defines and provides a solution to a requirement, manages the overall requirement, phase or project and accepts responsibility for the outcome.

    Qualified for: Supply Arrangement Tier 1

    Maximum Contract value: $2M

    Minimum # of invited Suppliers: Up to and including $1M = 5 Suppliers Greater than $1M up to and including $2M = 7 Suppliers

    Minimum Bidding Period: 10 days

    Type of contract: Fixed Price

  • TSPS - Task and Solutions Professional Services

    Description: The method of supply for Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) is for the provision of Non-Informatics Professional Services. This method of supply was developed to cover three core areas of expertise that are commonly and nationally used: Human Resources Services, Business Consulting/Change Management, Project Management Services and Real Property Project Management Services.

    Qualified for: See below.

    Maximum Contract value: Up to 2 million for Tier 1, Greater than $2 million for Tier 2

    Requirement Valued below $40,000 including HST = Direct

    Requirements at or below NAFTA threshold ($106,000 including HST) = Must use ProServices

    Requirements equal to or above the NAFTA threshold ($106,000 including HST) = 15 Suppliers

    Requirements less than or equal to the NAFTA threshold = 5 calendar days

    Requirements greater than the NAFTA threshold up to and including $2M =15 calendar days

    Type of contract: Time and Material, per-diem

  • THS - Temporary Help Services

    Description: The Temporary Help Services (THS) Supply Arrangement is the mandatory method of supply designed to assist federal departments in the National Capital Region with their procurement of temporary help for an assignment period that does not exceed 48 consecutive weeks. This procurement method is typically leveraged when there is a requirement for additional staffing during a temporary workload increase, in which there is an insufficient number of public servants available to meet the requirement

    Maximum Contract value: $1M

    Type of contract: Time and Material, Fixed Price

    Minimum # of invited Suppliers: 12 Suppliers

    Minimum Bidding Period: 15 days

  • ProServices - Professional Services Online

    Description: Professional Services (PS) Online is an electronic procurement tool that assists federal departments in the procurement (below the NAFTA threshold) of professional services.

    Maximum Contract value: Up to NAFTA threshold ($106,000 including HST)

    Minimum # of invited Suppliers: 2 Suppliers

    Minimum Bidding Period: 5 days

    Type of contract: Time and Material, per-diem

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